Giorgio Armani: Fashion Designe from Milan

Anyone now who do not know Giorgio Armani, fashion designer who is very famous in the world. He makes Milan became aligned with Paris as a city of fashion. But who would have thought, it turns out that Armani is Bachelor of medicine and joined the military. Armani is now the richest person number 2 in Italy with personal wealth reach 85 trillion rupiah.

Went to College of medicine

Armani was born in 1934, when that Italy was in a State of military emergency. But the situation in place of Armani born i.e. Piacenza including safe-secure only. Armani then went to school in the area of Piacenza along with his brothers. Then he read a book about medicine, and was very interested in the field of medicine. Finally at the time of the lecture, he tried to go test the Department of medicine at the University of Milan. But after 3 years of College, he had to come out of the University because it is required by Italy’s military. In the second world war, Italy is indeed the most serious in the war after Germany. Because smart display in the world of medicine, he was assigned in some places became a military medical team.

Be A Window Dresser

The result of the war, Italy’s economic situation is not stable. Then Armani out of the military and worked into a window dresser at a shopping centre in Milan. Window dresser is in charge of designing the dress a mannequin that is in the display store. Although the only works that way, Armani little by little learn about good design and the right. Then he pulled into the seller or sales at the men’s clothes.

Then slowly become a fashion designer

Unlike fashion-fashion designer who is already attending another famous design, Armani’s different, he’s really relying on experience and become a fashion from the bottom. After working in the shopping center, he moved to work at Nino Cerruti, there he is getting free exploration. No responsibility-responsibility, she studied design at Nino Cerruti for 10 years.

Finally in the 60s, he create his own fashion house. Though Armani is not yet confident, in 1975 he opened a company by the name of Giorgio Armani SpA. Before that, Armani worked as a freelance designer in well-known fashion house in France or in Italy.

Not only as a designer

Although the design is very popular and is used in almost all over the world, Armani is a pioneer as the man who banned models with a Body Mass Index levels below 18. That means it doesn’t have to be skinny to be a model. In addition, the shirts weird Lady Gaga also made Armani.

Starting from college majoring in medicine, join the military, be window dresser is now one of the world’s top designers. Armani long journey indeed inspire the young businessman ought to be in Indonesia. Everything just need earnest intentions. As done by Armani.